Top Tips To Avoid Distraction While Preparing For Defence Exam

Are you all set with your books to study for the defence exam? Do you really find it hard to study beyond a limited time? After some time do you really feel that things around are distracting you? This is normal human behaviour. Don’t make yourself stressed out as this can surely suck all the motivation inside you. Distractions can be everywhere, your sleeping habit, smartphone, family, pet and food habits. Anything can distract you.  Make your mind that when you study you need to be alone and focus on things.

There is no point in studying for a whole day when you are just stuck on one topic and using every other thing with your study. Craft some timetables and devote a particular amount of time so that you can move forwards towards your preparation. Distractions usually take hold of us and before we know about it we end up wasting time on our phones. As we all know that clearing a defence exam is not child’s play, we need to struggle a lot to clear it with optimistic results. If you aim to serve the nation by cracking the NDA exam then look no further and get guidance from the best NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

Here’s are the list of some of the tips that can help you avoid distractions:

In this blog, we have gathered some of the information that can surely help most of the candidates safeguard themselves from distraction. Read every tip with full concentration.

Set up Goals

The best medicine that can easily provide you a better hand over the distraction is that you need to make a timetable. After that give priority numbers to every important and less important task. When you have your defence exam round the corner then it’s quite easy for you to think that you need to study every time. You need to break the thing down and make just one primary goal. As this can surely help you stay focused.

After making the timetable then you should paste it in front of you. As this can give your mind a reminder that you have to study at a specific time. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to study all the time but your main aim should be to devote some part of your day to the defence exam preparation. If you are aspiring to clear the AFCAT exam then learn the tricks to avoid distraction from the AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.


This specific list will not be fully completed before giving true regard to the one distraction that we don’t have any clue how to get over with. The name of the distraction is sleep. You might be wondering how it’s a distraction. Sleep is the basic requirement of the body. However, if you’re preparing for the defence exam then we would highly advise you to sleep for 6 to 7 hours. But if you are sleeping in the day also then we would highly request you stop that. As this can surely become one of the biggest distractions for you. If you sleep late and after that, you wake up late then it will surely destroy your entire habit because you will feel dizzy all day.

Limit the use of smartphone

As we all are well aware of the human condition nowadays. We are now converting into the species that can’t get separated from their phone. Most of the youth have developed a habit of checking the notifications every 15 minutes. They think that they will surely miss out on something if they do not check the notification. If you aim to clear the defence exam then you have to limit the usage of your phone. Because you might not know that you are spending most of your day time on this. When you prepare for the exam, leave your phone and focus on the timetable. If it is difficult for you then cut down the usage of mobile phones. Try to do it as it can surely help you perform better in the examination.

Reward Yourself

You must be thinking that how rewarding it can easily help you stay more focused. If you will reward yourself then you will surely stay motivated and apply more efforts towards clearing the defence exam. Try to solve mock test series and when you have desired marks in them then give yourself a treat. This can majorly help you stay interested while preparing for the defence exam. If you aim to clear the CDS exam then connecting with the best CDS coaching in Chandigarh will be the right option.

Final Thought:

All in all these above-mentioned distractions can majorly harm your defence exam preparation. So, try all the possible things that can surely help you move in the right direction.

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