Meditation Gifts to Assist You in Discovering Your Inner Zen Master

It’s time to sit in the lotus position and take out your mala beads; it’s time to meditate! Taking the time to centre yourself is more crucial than ever in our hurried life. It can be difficult to know where to begin without some direction. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive selection of meditation gift ideas to assist you in achieving inner calm. You can send gifts online to your friends.

Headset for Meditation:

This is a fantastic present for someone who enjoys the latest electronics! With real-time feedback on your mind and body, you can improve your meditation practice and sleep hygiene. Muse S, like Muse 2, monitors your Mind, Heart, Body, and Breath and includes Sleep Tracking and Journeys. With Sleep Journeys & Overnight Tracking, you may easily transition from daytime Meditation & Mindfulness to bedtime Meditation & Mindfulness.

Singing Bowl from Tibet:

A hardwood striker and hand-sewn cushion are included in this high-quality handcrafted meditation bowl set. It is hand hammered by Nepalese artisans in the Himalayan foothills to be as one-of-a-kind as you are and to create an ambience for emotional relaxing and healing. Making the om sound with this Tibetan singing bowl helps you to centre yourself. With a frequency of 432 Hz, Om is the sound of the universe. The frequency of an A4 is 432 Hz.

Candles with pure sage for energy cleansing:

These candles are produced with White Sage that has been grown naturally and 100 percent Natural Soy Wax. This earthy sage combination brings natural balance to the house and body. It’s the ideal approach to clear unwanted energies while also setting a fresh intention! Every candle is filled with love, light, and positive energy. Smudging is a purifying ritual that involves burning white sage and inhaling the smoke’s scent. It can be used as often as needed to cleanse negative energy from individuals, locations, or even objects.

Gift Set of Calming Lavender:

Are you overworked and stressed? This set will allow you to take a short rest while still having a substantial impact. To begin, set the scene: Set up the simple self-watering system in the bamboo container and plant the non-GMO seeds to start your own lavender patch. Next, apply a grounding essential-oil combination with notes of lavender and cardamom to your wrists and neck and breathe in throughout the day. Then, when you’re ready, flip the hourglass timer over and count to five for your preferred mindfulness technique. Purple blossoms with a strong aroma will appear in about a month.

Set of Buddha Board Art:

Discover the truth about yourself! The Original Buddha Board can be found here. This waterboard painting set allows you to create amazing works of art that fade away as they dry using only water and our traditional drawing board. You can attain mindfulness by using a Buddha Board kit. The mind is everything; you become what you think.

Grow Kit for Balance and Tranquility:

Gardening and meditation are similar in that they both require practice, care, and attention. With this seed package designed to bring you serenity, you may add a touch of mindfulness to your gardening. It comes with a repurposed egg carton, wooden plant stakes, and six packages of heirloom seeds, including tranquil chamomile, holy basil (a natural stress reliever), relaxing lavender, stimulating peppermint, soothing wild bergamot, and sage for greater focus.

Meditation Decor in Gold:

Yoga has gained popularity in recent years as a kind of physical exercise centred on positions that enhance mind-body control and overall wellbeing. There are many different styles of yoga and many different disciplines within it. These meditation décor sculptures would look great in any room.

Kit for cleaning and smudging at home:

If you need to clean your house, this is the gear you’ll need. The amethyst and rose quartz gemstones are mined in Brazil and cut and polished into lovely smooth stones to help you relax and unwind. The therapeutic and sweet-smelling scents of palo santo, which is responsibly obtained from local communities in Peru and hand-cut into 4-inch incense sticks, perform wonderfully for creativity, cleaning, and spiritual discovery. You can order personalized gifts online and get it to your doorstep.

Box for Meditation:

Take a few moments to relax and think. This simple birch wood box transforms into an oasis for introspection, secret ideas, and creative yearnings by using the transitory nature of sand to inspire the mind. The ever-changing canvas, filled with fine grains of sand that shift and swirl with your emotions, relieves the strain of covering a blank page and allows the mind to wander. The base is lined with a smooth velvet layer that provides a relaxing touch while the stylus makes its mark.

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